Hypochlorous acid (HOCL) is Electrolyzed Water, a substance that is manufactured by the human body and used by white blood cells to eliminate waste and destroy foreign substances like bacteria, fungus and viruses. There is no known resistance to its effects, and there are demonstrated kill rates for this product that are WHO, FDA and EPA registered and certified.


When conditioned water and table salt are electrolyzed there are two vital components produced.

Hypochlorous or HOCL water which is a powerful sanitizing disinfectant

Hydroxyl or OH- water which is an equally powerful cleaning agent


When used together, organic residue and biofilm (the habitat for infectious agents) are removed and then pathogens destroyed within seconds.


Irish Sea Organics proprietary systems synthetically reproduce HOCl and OH- in volumes sufficient to meet the needs in a variety of Health Care applications to radically improve sanitization, disinfection, sterilization and importantly infection control.


The case for Electrolyzed Water in Health Care is Compelling, Timely and Essential.





The key to maximizing profits in pharmaceutical crop operations depends closely upon the control of pathogen’s both in the growth phase as well as in the subsequent processes of drying and packaging. Central to maximizing profits is to improve crop yield, improve and maintain the weight of the finished product, protection against pathogens such as bacterial, fungal, and insects, as well as shortening the growing cycle.


Current methodologies rely upon the use of toxins contained in fungicides, herbicides, and insecticides, all of which significantly challenge plant growth and cultivation.



HOCl is particularly effective against all known pathogens. Disinfection tests have confirmed the disinfection capabilities of electrolyzed water produced through the electrolysis of a solution of sodium chloride and conditioned water when a membrane is positioned between two electrodes. One of the main  products is known as Hypochlorous acid which is about 50 times more effective a sanitizer than hypochlorite.



HOCl has the ability to clean food or beverage industrial process equipment. Already employed in the dairy, and beverage markets by
Coca-Cola, Pepsi and juice producers, it is applicable to any food production process, including syrup and honey manufactures.

Usually a slightly higher concentration than for disinfection of 40-50 ppm (parts per million) is used for cleaning purposes.