Hypochlorous water or HOCL is electrolyzed water manufactured by the human body that is used by white blood cells to eliminate waste and destroy foreign substances like bacteria, fungus and viruses. There is no known resistance of any organism to its effects, and there are demonstrated kill rates for this product that are FDA and EPA registered and certified.


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Graeme Smith



Dr. Mark Noar
Research and Scientific Director

Graeme is a Medical Device Industry Expert with 25+ years of proven results in achieving profitable business growth through the creation and execution of successful strategies. He is known as a specialist in New Market Entry and Distribution. He has worked in over 57 countries worldwide establishing Distribution channels and conducting business. He acts as a trusted advisor and critical sounding board for Boards in the USA, Europe, Australasia and the Middle East. He is highly experienced in rapidly capitalising opportunities and has raised significant capital for projects. A number of start ups utilising his expertise have progressed to successful and significant acquisitions. As well as numerous start-ups clients include Boots Pharmaceuticals, United States Surgical Corp( now Medtronic ), LMA Urology Suisse (now Cook Medical), Sanofi Biosurgery.


Mark Rogers
Commercial Operations Director

Mark is a business professional with a successful track record at senior level in a number of organisations. The initial part of his career with a rapidly growing, award winning, VEKA plc which became market leader in the plastics industry and was lauded for innovative business strategies credited to Mark. More recently he established an oil services company successfully introducing new technology with operations across the USA, Middle East and Far East. He is instrumental in the formulation of the business plan and will be a key member of the team implementing operations. 

Dr. Mark D. Noar is a physician with more than 43 years of experience in International Health and Tropical Medicine having successfully conducted vaccination programs in Africa and Central America, and developed the health care program for rural Caribbean nations. Dr. Noar subsequently created the charitable Noar Foundation for Global Community Development (www.noarfoundation.org ), which coordinates innovations in healthcare, cultural and ethnic relations, and agricultural methods for rural Africa and specializing in development of off the grid subsistence farming communities in sub-Saharan Africa. He co-founded Divine Innovation, LLC, responsible for bringing western medical technology and innovations in infectious vector control using Hypochlorous water technology (HOCL) to China, South Korea and other Asian countries. A noted physician and inventor, Dr. Noar has numerous awards, publications and presentations to his credit, as well as inventions in Reflux Disease, Medical Simulation, Endoscopic Biliary Instrumentation, Electro-gastrography and Infection Control Technology.  Dr. Noar is known internationally for his research and teaching in the fields of GERD, and Electro-gastrography.


Crystal Hernandez
Executive Manager

Crystal Hernandez began her management career as the manager of the coding department of a large community hospital, Medstar Good Samaritan Hospital. Ms. Hernandez subsequently assumed additional managements roles at The 3CPM Company, Inc, where she is responsible for shareholder relations, and client accounts, and Developmental Innovations LLC, handling executive level duties for worldwide project development and management of client accounts. She brings with her a skill set remarkable for teamwork, organization and communications at an executive administrative level.